Moose Labs

2,500x ROI

How we assisted MooseLabs in taking over the Marijuana Filter Market

The Client

MooseLabs was founded in 2014 by two brothers with an an innovative idea for the cannabis industry and with our help it has taken the market by storm. Two brothers Dan and Jay started from humble beginnings, with a piece of graph paper and a goal to bring safe and fun smoking to hundreds of thousands of people. Their prototype was a huge success; Doctors backed their product and even wrote a white paper vetting the science. Their product protects you from shared germs and your lungs from harsh damaging chemical in smoke all in a beautifully designed product. The MooseLabs brothers are genuinely the Wright Brothers of the Smoking Industry.

The Problem

A New Brand Google Doesn't Know About

There are billions of websites on the world wide web, and that number is growing exponentially. Google is the number one search engine used with billions of people searching for answers. Google is tasked to index and serve information as quickly as possible with relevant and accurate information. Creators of brand new websites have to work diligently for a period of time called the "sandbox" to demonstrate that the content you are displaying is relevant and accurate to what the masses are looking for before providing your content as a recommended query result. MooseLabs had almost no SEO presence besides their domain since their primary focus was on business development, and they relied on Social Media for impressions and brand awareness.

Competitors Counterfeiting Products and Intellectual Property

When you have a one in a million product, you will likely either have haters or imitators, and MooseLabs experienced both. When their first product launched, competitors were counterfeiting the product and attempting to dominate the search engine landscape with MooseLab's intellectual property. Not only did this force MooseLabs to pivot into recreating another unique product, but it forced them to restructure their website and domain, which can be detrimental to SEO if not done with absolute care and skill. 

Content Optimization

Moose labs had spent a lot of time creating fantastic articles engaging readers with entertaining and useful content. However, the content itself was not SEO optimized from a performance and content structuring perspective and needed to be fixed to allow Google to crawl efficiently.

Technical Optimizations

During our technical audit, there were many errors discovered from google search console errors, certificate errors, page speed issues, and other technological problems. Most website owners are not even aware of these issues because they are found with google developer tools and with the ones we have developed.

We have taken our business to the next level with Apex. They continue to impress us month over month with the results of the SEO campaign. The Apex team is a pleasure to work with and we are so glad to have found them!

The Plan

Fresh SEO Campaign

We built out a completely new SEO campaign and strategy that continually evolves throughout the traffic and company growth of MoosLabs and continues to grow to this day.

Complete Site & SEO Audit

Our proprietary SEO audit report discovered hundreds of SEO errors, optimization, and various issues that needed to be addressed. We mapped and qualified vital areas of focus and planed out an ambitious strategy over the next 12+ months to implement and execute to pass the rank equity to the needed pages and keywords.

Competitive and Keyword Analysis

Due to competitors counterfeiting MooseLabs products, we knew we would have to spend time on the research phase for keyword research to develop a strong content strategy to become a top authority on the subject over these illegitimate companies.

Content Makeover

We took a "work backward" approach from our content audit we did in the planning phase. We created a complete content map and strategy, which we will continue to use and evolve. The content currently on the site had excellent research and data, but the content provided little to no SEO value. We determined this content ultimately would need to be rewritten and retrofitted with our proprietary content skeleton strategy. Our content strategy would optimize old content, create new content, and implement evergreen content optimized with Google's webmaster guidelines as a template.

Technical Fixes and Optimization

During our audits, we found hundreds of issues around technical SEO, security, and development issues. These issues impeded Google's crawl bots from adequately indexing and crawling the site and recognizing MooseLabs as a trusted source of information. Our developers and technical SEO staff would need to address these issues asap if we wanted to start ranking.

The Execution

Execute SEO Campaign

During our audits, we were able to find the most significant gaps in SEO and quickly allocate resources from multiple teams to fill these gaps quickly. We were able to increase our SEO health score very quickly and started seeing rankings on google almost instantaneously.

Content Optimization

We went through and rewrote key content that had great information and research done by Mooselabs previously. We optimized this content for search engines, and imminently started seeing great results. We quickly went through and made these optimizations while going through our quality and approval process, which MooseLabs has to sign off before publishing.

Fix Code and Technical SEO Issues

Our technical SEO experts went through and tuned up the whole MooseLabs website while our developers spent time minifying back-end code to lean out the site for page speed and fix google search console errors. We resolved the security issues that we found during our initial audit involving DNS and web certificates. All of the fixes allowed us to improve MooseLabs standing with search engines and increase security to best practices.

SEO A&B Testing

We regularly A&B test SERPs, content, titles, tags and tracked them to see what works, what users are looking for, and what provides value to their customers. A&B testing is vital to have the edge over the competition as it drives impressions and CTR (click through rate), which drives traffic to drive revenue and ultimately drives up position ranking. We have maintained our top spot and increased our overall keyword footprint by continuing to A&B test MooseLabs on-page content, SERPs, etc..

The Results

Currently we are leading in all the primary keywords in their space along with making them an authority in the marijuana filter topic. 

Today we’re generating over 2,500% ROI and bring 50,000 plus new customers to their online store month over month.









The Keywords: Marijuana and Cannabis has a traffic potential of over 3 million users a month on Google alone!

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