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The Client

Daily High Club started from humble beginnings, with $700 and a college student's pipe dream. Daily High Club was founded in Washington, DC in 2015 by CEO Harrison Baum. He posted the business idea on the popular forum site called Reddit, gained instant validation from the community, and immediately started a subscription service right out of his garage. A lot of hours and hard work later, the bloomed and scaled out of the apartment to an office in downtown Los Angeles has continued to be a huge success. Harrison's success has allowed him to align Daily High Club with cannabis celebrities such as smoking legend Tommy Chong, B-Real, Chanel West Coast, and more. With Daily High Club's superior business strategy, products, and marketing that Apex assists with, they have made it into the Forbes Inc. 5,000.

The Problem

Strong Social Media Presence but No Online Presence

The primary source of revenue was social media and word of mouth. By 2017, Daily High Club scaled tremendously with over 500,000 followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of followers on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube that generated the bulk of the revenue. There was little to no online presence across search platforms like Google. 

Competitors Secured Valuable Keywords on Search Engines

Competitors in the online headshop space were holding the keywords for their primary products such as "bong," "dab rig," etc., despite the company investing in SEO with a top SEO company. Daily High Club was missing out on hundreds of thousands of users every month since they did not have a presence on the first page for these keywords related to their product.

Bad SEO Company

An industry-leading "Top" SEO Company was overcharging for little to no work. During our audit, we were able to see all the things they were not doing and the security breaches, such as giving their admin access to foreign contractors located in India and China without approval to perform the work. Unfortunately, this is a widespread issue we run into, especially in the e-commerce space. 

"540% Growth in Revenue in One Year "

Featured in Inc 5,000 Fasted Growing Companies

Increased my website traffic, gave me a prioritized strategy for the future, and educated me about the process the entire way. We work with APEX on a daily basis and would not be where we are today without them.
Harrison Baum- CEO - Daily High Club

The Plan

Full SEO Makeover

We found that we would not be able to pick up where the other SEO companies left off, unfortunately, so we needed to perform a full SEO makeover. 

Competitive Analysis 

We needed to understand further where the areas of differences were between Daily High Club and successfully ranking competitors in the same niche and content ranking in the same keyword space. We do this with the proprietary tools we developed to scrape data from SEO tools and search engines such as Alexa, AHREFs, MOZ, SEMRUSH, GA, and GSC. 


Audit, Analysis, and Campaign

We started our campaign by running our proprietary audit stack. Our lead SEO team members and managers then analyzed the audit results and created action items based on the findings. 

We used all the data points collected to build a highly strategized 12 month SEO campaign. Since the cannabis industry is extremely competitive, we build out the campaign to be scalable and agile. We do this to shift our time spent into different SEO areas based on core algorithm updates, trends, technical requirements, and more. 

Development & Optimization

During our audit, we identified page speed and web security as a primary area of focus. We found that the website was running on an older code template that was not supported or actively patched. We decided that we would develop a new website with a newer code base to provide up to date code, with a highly optimized website with active theme support for their back-end platform. 

The Execution

Execute SEO Campaign

Right away, we took a multi-threaded approach with Daily High Club to quickly stop further “bleeding” to their SEO health and hidden search engine score. We rolled out our custom campaign targeting low hanging fruit for easy wins while building our SEO plan for extremely high traffic high keywords. After a few months, we quickly saw results and more wins month after month until we were #1 for the highest traffic keywords in their niche.

Remove Toxic Backlinks & Fix Technical SEO Issues

Low-quality websites linking back to your site (backlinks) do more harm than good, so we immediately audited and disavowed all harmful backlinks, which was a much needed huge win to get started in the right direction.


Speed Optimized New Website

We worked with the Daily High Club team to build a super-fast, SEO optimized website that they loved. The new page loaded 4x faster, and the conversion percentage and AOV (Average Order Value) went up by 20%. The new faster site helped users consume the products and information more efficiently, which boosted keyword rankings. With a little bit of luck, we had all our ducks in a row and had launched our new site before Google's annual core update, "Burt." When Burt was released, and a new round of indexing kicked in, Google bots noticed the new storefront's enormous changes and skyrocketed our content to page one and position one of Google search results!

SEO A&B Testing 

We regularly A&B tested SERPs, content, titles, tags and tracked this data to see what works, what users are looking for, and finding value. This, in turn, drives rankings, which drives traffic to drive revenue. We have maintained our top spot and increased our overall keyword footprint by continuing to A&B test Daily High Clubs Technical SEO, content, and website.

The Results

With our well planned out and executed campaign we have been able to assist Daily High Club in achieving some amazing results which has totally transformed their business.

With our assistance they have been able to better understand and scale their marketing and sales strategy along with expanding into new markets.

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The Keywords: Marijuana and Cannabis has a traffic potential of over 3 million users a month on Google alone!

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