10 Must Know Marijuana Marketing Strategies in 2021

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1. SEO Is The Top Priority and Revenue Generator For Marijuana Companies

 Everyone who has been in the cannabis industry from local dispensaries to e-commerce giants knows that search is the number one revenue generator for their companies. This is due to marketing restrictions on top ad platforms along with more and more people using organic search to find purchase products day after day. Apex Cannabis Marketing specializes in helping cannabis companies to appear on the top of search results and see revenue numbers they could only dream of.

2. You Can Advertise with Paid ADs!

Even though giant ad platforms such as Google and Facebook do not allow there are private websites, advertising networks, and communities which do allow paid ads. We have established relationships with these networks and websites over time which allow us to run ads for cannabis and related products.

3. Use E-Mail & SMS to Build a Community Around Your Brand

Sometimes people are not ready to buy when they first visit your website or have not learned enough about the product to purchase right away. You can provide value by teaching your customers about your product, brand, culture, and the cannabis community. A lifetime customer of your brand is just an e-mail or SMS message.

4. Social Media Marketing Is Required for Brand Growth and Recognition

Keep building your community! As you build out your community on social media platforms they will become apart of your website and messaging. A community that is engaging, converts, become lifetime customers, and spread the word about your products.

5. You Can Get Your Social Media Accounts Banned and Blacklisted For Certain Posts.

Don't get your account banned while you are trying to build your community. Make sure to do the proper research through the terms of service provided by that social media platform along with competitive research. We see a lot of smaller brands that are trying to grow fast try to push the limits with what the platforms allow get blacklisted. Be sure to follow what the big brands are doing and not the smaller riskier strategies that could get you blacklisted. 

6. You Can Get Advertising Or Social Media Accounts Banned and Black Listed By Running Certain Paid AD's On Their Platform

Not only do you have to be careful about what you post on social media platforms but you need to be aware that you are unable to run paid ads on these platforms as well. Even if you try to test the waters you can get your social media accounts banned and lose all of your followers. We strongly advise your ads to be handled by a cannabis ads expert. 

7. You Need A Custom Website Solution That Is Purpose Driven & Built Around Your Brand & Customers. 

Marketing is not all about getting customers to the website, it’s also getting customers to stay on the website and to convert. Brands need to think of their website as their storefront and business card to the world. You want the customer to be delighted and have a wonderful time from the time they enter your digital storefront( website) , browse your shelves (collection pages), and put their products in their hand (product page). The journey through the website and every page needs to be optimized for the customer experience and conversions. 

8. Build Out A Customer Referral Program

 People love to refer their friends or tell people about a product they love. We see this especially true for the cannabis space since it is such a tight-knit growing community that is constantly innovating. They really really love it if there is an incentive involved. Implement a referral program and watch your sales skyrocket!

9. Collaborate With Other Cannabis Companies

There are tons of opportunities to collaborate with other cannabis companies. Just how you love their product they might love yours. It never hurts to reach out and try to build a relationship. You never know where collabs will lead to in the future. Stay hungry and stay humble in your outreach and watch your business grow.  

10. Learn To Navigate Cannabis Influencer Marketing

Navigating cannabis influencer marketing can be one of the hardest but very rewarding in brand recognition and converting customers. Never do things without a contract or have an agency handle the negotiations for you. There are a ton of amazing influencers in the cannabis community that we have gotten to work with over the years and it is a truly amazing experience every single time.  Influencers are able to share your brand to the world and put the products you love in front of hundreds or millions of people that love cannabis.

What Now?

Marketing your marijuana-related business can be tricky and extremely hard to navigate. There are hundreds of companies claiming to know the space with no case studies or proven results. I am providing you with real facts from my experiences working exclusively with cannabis businesses for the past 10 years. I hope this article will help you grow your business to levels that you never thought were possible and have you consider working with our business one day.

Peace & Love from the Apex Team!

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